Gold Loan

Loans are available to customerfor meet financial needs, who do not have savings. Loans provided by financial companies often provide temporary reprieve during financial emergencies. However, many times small wage earners and lower middle-class families have difficulty in availing loans from banks due to the criteria required and cumbersome paperwork.

In such cases Nidhi companies provide easy loans, on affordable ROI and interms to the common man. Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi Limited also provides loans to its members to fulfill their needs. Any loan requires security or collateral that can be pledged against the loan. This collateral can be in the form of Jewelry, Property or in another form. Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi Limited has a hassle-free loan policy and is the best loan provider in Udaipur, to small borrowers.

Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi Limited provides following loans against collateral at competitive rate of interest.

  1. Gold Loan
  2. Mortgage Loan
  3. Loan Against Property
  4. Personal Loan*

Gold Loan

AsIndian loves gold is known to the world. We are the biggest importers of gold in the world.India is one of the biggest markets for gold and gold loan. According to World Gold Council, India accounts for 10% of total world gold stock and is world’s largest gold consumer. Indian’s investment in gold is motivated by social, cultural and economic reasons. For Indians, gold is not just a commodity, but an auspicious metal that they buy for various purposes on different occasions. There has always been a high demand for gold in India, irrespective of prices.

Gold loan is an important source of credit for funding your emergency cash requirements such as medical emergency, child education, business expansion, down payment for the purchase of vehicle and holiday with your family. If you are in a dire situation and need cash urgently, you can utilize the ideal gold lying in your locker to fund the emergency cash requirement. Many banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer gold loans Gone are the days when you had to wait endlessly and bear troublesome process of taking a loan.If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to get financing, SINL Gold loan is just what you’re looking for and let the gold glitter to your life by relieving your immediate cash requirements. While your gold stays safe with us, you can go ahead and take advantage of every opportunity.

Let your gold help you bring more golden and happy period in life ………

Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi Limited has designed number of gold loan schemes to provide easy financial assistance to its members according to their preferences. One can choose higher amount for his/her ornaments or can choose lower interest schemes or may go for short term or long term scheme.

The Minimum amount to avail is Rs10000/-and maximum amount is up to Rs15 Lakhs.

Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi’s. There is minimal paperwork and the criteria is also relaxed – to be a member of the Sriajan IndiaNidhi is the best loan provider to members who want to avoid the cumbersome work of a bank loan.


Our gold loan schemes fall broadly into two categories:
a) High loan to value: These schemes offer the maximum amount of loan per Gram. At the same time in keeping with the extra risk, the interest cost to the borrower is higher.
b) Low interest rate: In this category, the interest rates are lower but the Loan to Value (LTV) is also comparatively less.

Our products are well tailored not only to the income group of the customer, but to relevant considerations like how much loan customers would like to avail against jewelry, and their comfort levels with respect to the interest rate and periodicity of repayment of interest and principal. Incidentally, gold loans can be availed at our branches for amounts as low as Rs.10000 and as high as Rs. 10 lakhs.

Interest Rate

Depending on the LTV, the rate of interest ranges between 12% – 20% p.a. Gold loans typically are for the duration of one year and the duration can be further extended at the prevalent rate of that time.

So why pay higher interest rates for a personal loan when you can get Gold Loan faster at affordable rates.

Supporting Documents

To abide by the KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy of RBI and approved KYC norms of our Company.

Documents and paperwork required:

  1. Two colored photographs of the pledged gold and gold ornaments
  2. Two colored photographs of the borrower
  3. ID proof of the borrower
  4. Address proof of borrower
  5. Stamp Paper of Rs. 500/- or 0.15% of LTV whichever is high

Guaranty and Security

We know that these gold ornaments are very precious and favorite to you. So we guarantee you that it will be in Our Safe Hands in strong cash safes inside a strong room built as per standard norms. The pledged gold ornaments are also insured for full value. Moreover, Security Personnel and modern electronic surveillance technology are deployed to protect your beloved gold ornaments.

Features & Benefits-

  • Availed for any amount between ₹.10000 to a maximum of ₹.10 Lakhs.
  • Hassle-free quick processing of loans
  • Minimum documentation and quick disbursal
  • Simplified Paperwork.
  • Easy Payment options.
  • ATL - Anytime Liquidity
  • No EMI, Service only Interest and enjoy the Loan facility
  • Online request facility
  • Online Repayment facility is available.
  • Personalized service to all the customers.
  • Approval and disbursal just in 30 min.
  • No lock-in period and pre-payment penalties.

Terms & Conditions: -

  • Loans can be availed at any of our branches.
  • Payment of loans can be made at any our branches.
  • Gold loan products have a maximum tenure of 1 year.
  • Weight of stones, etc., fixed on the ornaments will be deducted. Loans can be renewed after 12 months.
  • Daily remittance available.
  • Closing of Jewel loan is allowed only at the branch where the loan was availed.
  • We provide maximum amount of loan/gram in the industry. Currently maximum loan to value (LTV) is up to 70% of your gold value.
  • Interest Rebate available along with various schemes.
  • The rate of interest charged is 1.5% to 1.75%
  • The gold ornaments are valued through an authorized person and the cost of valuation is to be borne by the borrower.
  • The borrower has to provide an affidavit declaring the ownership of the ornaments
  • The interest is to be paid on a monthly basis
  • If the borrower does not pay the interest, a penalty of 5% has to be paid along with next interest installment
  • If the interest is not paid for 12 months continuously, the pledged gold will be sold by SINL
  • The expenditure on the sale of gold, plus loan amount due and the 5% penalty on due amount will be deducted before the balance is deposited in the loan account
  • Two color photographs of gold ornaments are required.
  • Two color photographs of borrower and his/her ID proof 500/- stamp paper or 0.15 whichever is higher.
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