Saving Account

Jeevodhaya Sahaya Nidhi Limited has introduced Basic Saving Account plan to encourage the saving habit and enables to get handsome interest. The habit of saving will improve the quality of life and will help you to feel better and to sleep better. One will be happier knowing he/she has some money kept aside for unexpected expenses and will be able to look forward to achieving some of their dreams. SINL provides maximum benefits out of their investment with us for Basic Saving Account. Details are given below:

  1. Standard Rate of Interest 3%
  2. SMS facility is available for the depositors
  3. All RD/FD/MIS are linked to Basic Saving Account
  4. Nomination Facility is available for the depositors
  5. Maximum amount of deposit should not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-

By filling up the prescribed form, applicants can make the nominations and can change the nomination details during the subsistence of the account.Only one nominee is required for a deposit account

A person is legally empowered to operate a minor account and can file a nomination on behalf of the minor.

Feature of Saving Account

  1. Minimum Deposit: Rs. 100/-
  2. Namination Facility: Available
  3. SMS Facility: Available
  4. Online Banking: Available
  5. Mobile App: Available

Identity Proof : Address Proof :
Passport, Adhaar Card Passport, Adhaar Card
PAN card Telephone bill
Voter ID card Electricity bill
Driving license Bank Statement with Cheque
Government ID card Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office
Photo ration card -
Senior citizen ID card -

Documentation Require for account opening Note –

  1. Please produce the original document(s) for verification & a photocopy of each document.
  2. Mandatory to provide Permanent address and telephone number.
  3. Please avail of the nomination facility.
  4. Mandatory to complete the KYC Norms * terms & condition apply and all deposit plan only for members/shareholders.

* Terms & conditions apply and all deposit plan only for members/shareholders

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